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15 December 2008 @ 03:04 am
My Winter Break  
Winter Break means journal update time. Well, maybe not if I actually start to get out of the house. Hopefully the out-of-the-house getting will start tomorrow, and will not both begin and end with my doctor's appointment at noon. Is it at noon? Whatever, my mom will wake me up. Yeah, that's right, when I'm home for break some of my usual responsibilities, like waking myself up, are placed on my mom. I'm such a good kid.

I'm really more of a tired kid though. This is why: last week was finals week so sleep went from happening to not happening (though I suppose finals aren't entirely to blame for this), stress level went from Elevated or Yellow to Severe or Red, saying goodbye become something I had to do, packing become something I had to do, eating become something I had to find time to do, tired became me. So tired. Thursday night I was up late both working and not working. Friday I woke up early to go to work, then went to class where my final paper and portfolio were do, then went to my room and studied for a Chinese final, then took said Chinese final, then upon finishing said Chinese final went to my room in utter shock of how horrible the Chinese final went, then I had to pack, then I had to be up at 3:40 a.m. so I just decided not to sleep, then I was tired!shaking, then I was cold, then I was in a van on the way to the airport, then I was cold again, then I was waiting for my plane, in a plane, waiting for a plane, in a plane, waiting for my luggage, eating a burrito, watching something, reading something, sleeping for too long but not long enough, helping my mom sell books, working on an essay, break, working on an essay, break, working on an essay, working on an essay, working on an essay. Now it's now. I'm done with said essay, but I think it might suck all the most disgusting, hairy, sweaty balls in the world.


I wish I hadn't of come home on Saturday at the time I did. If there had been a plane that would have gotten me home in the early evening I could have slept. If my mom hadn't needed me to sell books I could have come home later, perhaps Sunday. If I had come home on Sunday I could have decompressed after my final on Friday, slept, packed and written part of my paper on Saturday, come home refreshed on Sunday and finished my paper. I could have come home on Tuesday which would have allowed me to take my Chinese final on the actual day of my Chinese final. I could of had multiple days to study, multiple days to write my paper, multiple days to say goodbye to people. Oh well, what's done is done. I just felt like death for hours.
I hope tomorrow is full of sleep and fun.