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Finger Comb of Lust
24 August 2008 @ 11:15 pm
Bwahaha! So I've been reading lots of the comments the wee firsties have been leaving on the Hampshire Class of '12 boards/wall on Facebook, and currently there are a few fearing their tutorial class Infectious Disease. This is because it is taught by the mighty Lynn Miller who they recently looked up on ratemyprofessor.com and found out he made a kid cry during class. Oh the fear this great man evokes in people! He has gotten gruff with me only once, but it did not make me want to cry. That's the thing, he is gruff and to the point and if your an idiot he will make you feel like an idiot. If you aren't an idiot, he will only make you feel like an idiot when you do something stupid. This makes his praise all the better. PRAISE WHICH, may I remind you, I HAVE RECEIVED!

In other news, through some more... erm... research I discovered that the people living in the double in my hall next year are, drum roll please, two first year boys! HA! So it's going to be me, Lily, Maya, Jake, Steph, Ella (unless people get mods...), and these two firsties. Let the fun begin. Now. Please. No seriously, I'm ready to go back to college. I imagine it will be kind of weird for them to arrive in a hall inhabited by only one male, and then, within a few days, discover they are otherwise surrounded by females. Oh this semester is going to be fun. I can tell.

E.T.A: Ahh! Ahh! The Third Year Chinese class with Zhu Chen went through! It's on The Hub!
Finger Comb of Lust
21 August 2008 @ 11:52 pm
The past two days have been fantabulous. Although I enjoy reading, playing guitar, watching movies, and generally relaxing in my hizzie, going out with friends and keeping busy in that way is far superior. Why you ask? Because when I'm home my parents like to come check on me. ALL THE TIME. It's like, "So, daughter, what's up?" "Ariane, are you hungry?" "Ariane, try this." "Ariane, is everything okay?" "Ariane, look at me! Look at me!". I love my parents, I do, but right now they seem to love me too much. It's a BLAGH-MY-DAUGHTER-IS-HOME-FROM-A-FOREIGN-COUNTRY-BUT-SOON-WILL-BE-HEADING-BACK-TO-A-COLLEGE-FAR-FAR-AWAY-SHE'S-OUR-BABY-ARE-WE-0LD? kind of situation. Cute, but sometimes I need my space.

So yesterday I went to Corinna's house where I sipped lemon Italian soda in a polka dot dress whilst listening to Andy play cello. Lovely. Then I went out to dinner with Lily, Sarah (Lily's friend from Smith), and Pipes. We went to this Thai restaurant called Thai Kitchen. Someone said it was better and cheaper than Madame Mam's, so we decided to try it. That person? They. Were. Wrong. And the sad story is Madame Mam's was inches away. Now I'm really craving Madame Mam's green tofu curry. Oh yes. Give it to me now. Mmm.

Next we headed to Smokin' O's (hookah bar) where we met Layla, Ali (Layla's roommate), and Isa. While smoking on guava flavored tobacco the awkward moment of the evening occurred. It wasn't so much a moment, though, as it was an entire... thingie. Junior-year-newspaper-section-editors showed up, and let's just say some people in our group didn't have a very good relationship with them. Things became truly awkward octopus when two of our guy friends (who kind of dumped us as friends junior year to hang out with the girls that didn't like us) arrived. Pipes was a bit weird-ed out seein' as she frequents Smokin' O's and has never seen them there before. Plus it's kind of a small venue, and, really, of all the hookah bars and all the nights?

After smoking white peach flavored tobacco, we proceeded (sans Layla and Ali) to Weird Wednesday at Alamo Drafthouse. The movie was about a woman doctor who was way ahead of her time because she could successfully perform impossible transplants (for example, a brain transplant). She was kidnapping the fittest of all possible athletes to use for the transplants, so some red-headed douche bag of a hero got on her trail and found the island where she performs her surgeries. However, the doctor was protected by "the wonder women" (the name of the flick) who all wore ridiculously shiny shirts with matching panties. In the end the doctor cleverly disappeared using a ninja smoke trick. This was a top quality film, folks. I'm just going to say brain sex and leave it at that.

Today I made $50, bought a new pair of shoes to replace the ones that died in China, and then had a bunch of friends over for food and fun. We talked, ate, watched footage from Senior Salute of KB's ear defying rendition of some crap song, played 1,000 Blank White Cards, and played Apples to Apples. I love my friends.

Yes, so that's that. I still miss college though.
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Finger Comb of Lust
16 August 2008 @ 12:55 am
So since I got back from China my everyday routine has been the following: Wake up, fiddle about online, do crunches, eat breakfast, read and/or fiddle about online, watch a movie and/or TV, run, take a shower, read, eat dinner in or go out to dinner with a friend, if I don't go out to dinner with a friend perhaps I go get an after dinner drink with a friend, read, go to bed. Sometimes I mix things up a bit and play guitar (I've had strange urges to do this recently. It's been, let's see, four years since I've played? Very odd.) or study Chinese. I really should study Chinese more... I also need to work on my Div I portfolio. I'm not worried about it though. At first I was all like, "Retrospective essay? Ew." But I realized because I wrote relatively genuine self-evaluations I'm going to be fine. I can definitely see through my self-evals and my writing the ways in which I've grown over the past year. Exciting. So really all I need to do is sit down and write the damn thing.

I like how relaxing my days are, and although they seem semi-productive (I'm getting through books and exercising!), there is definitely something lacking. Currently I kind of feel like a know-nothing, because, honestly, I haven't done much learning this summer (except for learning a considerable amount of Chinese, and a few interesting facts about bugs). I've been keeping my brain active be reading and occasionally writing, but I want to create some new wrinkles.

Tonight my brother arrived, so hopefully things will start to get sooopaah exciting. When we got to the house I gave him a "shot" of Baijiu (it's a normal sized shot of Baijiu, but not a normal sized shot, Oh Lord God Bird no), and then my family all did a shot together. My mother's face after the shot was priceless. I've personally come to love Baijiu. The smell and taste remind me of happiness, lots of good food, kind people, and lots of fun. Oh, I could sniff Baijiu for hours sitting in a cloud of good memories, but I have a feeling that would go against my creating-new-wrinkles goal.

I'm so excited about returning to Hampshire. I've been having tons of Hampshire dreams, and I've got to say, though I do love my parents, they are making me a tad bit crazy. They are almost always in the house because they both work from home, and, although my mother is relatively good about going out, my Dad is basically here every second of the day.

Anyway, when I went to update my journal tonight this note popped up asking if I wanted to recover some past entry that I typed, but never posted. I said yes and this little tidbit, which is still quite applicable to my life, appeared: "I over think things. A lot. Especially things having to do with boys. I really wish I didn't over think those sorts of things. I need to find a way to be cool and collected at all times and not worry over every detail." True dat Ariane of the past! I seriously need to work on this. Summer kind of helps. I think a lot less about real life and a lot more about the novels I'm reading.

Also, I have a confession: I'm addicted to tweenage girl movies. If it's about high school girl who has a crush? I'm there. Especially if it has Amanda Bynes in it. She's The Man? Brilliant. Sydney White? I can't tell you how many times I squee-ed. They referenced Dr. Who for God's sake! True it was a friggen obvious reference, but the fact that they did it gave me internal joy nonetheless (I wonder if one of the Five-College Libraries has Dr. Who DVDs I could borrow... Oh the time travel! Oh the sexiness!). I also watched this HORRIBLE movie with Ashley Tisdale or whatever her name is. It was seriously, just, BLECH, but I enjoyed it in that sick way where things are way too mushy, the acting is absolutely no good, the plot is unbelievable, but you secretly sort of kind of wish your life was like that just because it's sort of kind of exciting.

Dear Flora,
If you are reading this, I sent a translation of the postcard to your Hampshire email, but I imagine you do not use that one much anymore. Am I right? What is an email address, if any, that you check more frequently? Also, if you are not much of an email person, how am I ever to get a hold of you? What am I to do?

P.S.: I love Christian Bale and David Tenant as Dr. Who.
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Finger Comb of Lust
10 May 2008 @ 07:13 pm
Ahh! Ahh! It's thundering! It's going to storm! Texas summer thunderstorm! I really am home.
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Finger Comb of Lust
08 May 2008 @ 11:59 pm
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

Is There A Ghost by Band of Horses
Say That You Love Me by the Cardigans (this I blame on Hot Fuzz)
My Lady Story by Antony and the Johnsons
Paper Planes by M.I.A.
Tire Swing by Kimya Dawson
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One by Neutral Milk Hotel
Cold December by Matt Costa

Ta-dah! I'm not going to list 7 more people to do it, however, because that is not how I roll. If you want to do it, do. If not, don't.

So yeah, long absence from Live Journal. My first year of college is over (ACK!), and a lot happened. Too much to update about. I did keep a written journal so I know what happened. Some important things to know, however, are:

1. I have one more paper to finish editing before I am really, truly, actually done with my first year of college. It's due tomorrow.
2. I'm going to China this summer for a two month intensive language program.
3. Lynn Miller, my idol/professor who is really tough, liked my final report a great deal, had barely any edits despite the fact that he is a hard editor, said he enjoyed working with me this semester, and is looking forward to seeing me in his class in the fall. MY LOVE FOR HIM IS TOTALLY REQUITED.
4. I kissed a boy goodbye when I left college.
5. I like chubby animals (birds and bees especially).
6. My bathroom has become a haven for spiders.
Finger Comb of Lust
14 September 2007 @ 01:01 am
College is awesome. I feel so at home. I feel like this is the normal progression of things. The Hampshire campus is like a summer camp with lots of trees, open spaces, corn fields, woods, reservoirs, etc. I met some awesome people and done some awesome things including:

Eating s'mores and telling scary stories in the middle of the woods. Walking through a corn field to try and find a bus stop, but ending up finding a grocery instead with the best cider doughnuts ever. Enjoying random jam sessions complete with harmonicas, banjos, and didgeridoos. Learning such dance moves as "the freak" and "the prep". Performing poetry at an open mic night. Smoking hookah for three hours. Using the basements to get into Merrill A and Merrill C and making friends with people who had their doors open. Watching people eat Chinese food at midnight and play poker. Defining enchilada (the dirty version) and bituminous. Discussing all sorts of things ranging from the vapid (ZOMG I LOVE THAT SHOW), to the disturbing (serial killer conversations), to the deep (how does one define culture in a world where cultural aspects flow out of one place and into another). Going to Amherst for a book, coffee, and a stroll through the graveyard. Trying out for a play. Learning how to fence. Attempting to get a radio show. Getting involved with the student newspaper. Enjoying the rain and the shine and just nature in general. Making people feel awkward. Talking about masturbation. Talking about peoples roommates masturbating with the piano keyboard he put on his bed. Learning that kids use "vacuums" these days. Hearing about orgies in too much detail. Being offered mini cupcakes. Running into people all the time. Reading interesting articles. Attending Global Ethnography, Human Biological Variation, Southern Writers, and Chinese. Enjoying a nice "Rosh Hashanah dinner" of corn chowder, bread, humus, Manishevitz, and cider doughnuts with strawberries and whipped cream in the 4th floor lounge at 9:00. Chilling in dorm rooms. Splashing through puddles. Holding dance parties. Getting free cookies from the Bridge Cafe. Eating because SAGA is open and not because I'm hungry. Loving soft served frozen yogurt. Learning Hippie health. Learning that some people live in a world without pants. Learning that I started both Global Warming and the AIDS epidemic. Almost eating Midnight Breakfast. Watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Futurama in FPH. Seeing a comedian. Seeing a mentalist. Talking to an intoxicated person who lives down the hall from me who I've never gotten to talk to before and who thinks I'm crazy for having my window open because it's cold enough for him to be busting out long underwear. Working on homework and being interrupted by a guy with a guitar and his friend who are going around and making up personalized songs about the people whose doors are open. Hearing people shout silly things from the Merrill Gazebo at 1 in the morning. Walking down a hallway and noticing that it reeks (and I mean REEKS) of pot. Noticing that, yes, at Hampshire some people don't choose to shower &c.

I love college.
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Finger Comb of Lust
29 August 2007 @ 12:23 am
So I'm mostly packed. Just need to get my back pack packed with books, my computer, and other small things I'm bringing to college with me that don't fit in the five designated college suitcases. It's all gathered just not packed. My biggest worry is that I'm going to forget something.

Being the last of my friends to leave is really weird. Everyone else is at their college, moving into their dorm rooms, meeting people, and doing other college stuff. I feel behind. College, to me, is still this big unknown blob. I know I'll be there soon enough, but for now I feel left out of something.

Ugh, it doesn't even seem like I'm leaving for college tomorrow. I feel more like I am going on another college visit. I'm going to Hampshire to give them my resume, sit in on a class, ask questions about financial aid and student organizations, take notes, meet with the people in the admissions office, &c. I hated doing that. It was exhausting. The only non-tiring college visit I had was the weekend I visited Smith and Hampshire for their respective Accepted Students Days. Those visits were probably so nice because I had already been accepted to the schools so I could relax and enjoy myself.

I don't really feel like writing anymore (and I am currently being distracted tremendously by Adult Swim), so yeah. I guess I will get my "college feelings" out later when I am a little more rested, a little less anxious about forgetting important things, and wondering if I experienced enough of Austin to satisfy me for four months. Blaaargh.

Watching Inuyasha makes me nostalgic for high school. I started watching it freshman year and the show ended this year. How meaningful or something. It's a pretty silly show, but it has a lot of memories associated with it and it was my first anime so I hold it dear to my heart.

Speaking of which I visited LBJ today with Shami. Saw Risinger, Kelly, Stormberg, Fennell, Alexander, Journeay, Jibladze (for, like, a second), and I think that's it. LBJ is really weird now. All the magnet teachers are upstairs (Mr. Kelly is in the creepily blank freshman center in a corner) except some of the science teachers (including Mr. Fennell who was moved down to the dungeon. I spent two years in his old classroom. It's so sad. He has no windows now. And the table Anjali and I wrote on is no longer his. Also, the prairie APES worked so hard to create last year has been overrun by ragweed. It is like a giant fucking ragweed forest. Extremely depressing). Also, they have eight periods now and blocked classes Tuesday through Friday and a short lunch and school starts 15 minutes earlier and ends 15 minutes later and half the staff is new and there are two newspaper classes with 37 students in them each. It's craziness.

I'm going to miss being a kid.
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Finger Comb of Lust
16 August 2007 @ 09:28 pm
I am as powerful as the Giant Squid. I am as brave as Frodo. I am as fierce as Black Mamba for I have defeated the most frightening enemy of womankind: the cockroach.

Gather ye round and I will tell you the tale of a brave, yet naked lass who overcame this most fearful of beasts. Her hair was the color of a round and shiny oak table--the kind knights sit around with a king they call Arthur--, her eyes were as blue as the non-existent sapphires in Excalibur, and she was cleaner than everyone during the Dark Ages was dirty. As our heroine stepped out of the shower and approached the bathroom sink she felt a peculiar feeling on her right ankle. At first she thought that this was perhaps a mere towel tickling her as she brushed by it, but when the tickling did not desist she looked down to find a huge black beetle clawing its way up her leg. Although the situation looked bleak she thought quickly. If she could not save herself at least she could save the rest of the household. Without a second thought she shook her leg violently and the demon flew from it landing on the bathroom floor on its back. The creature's legs wriggled in the air as the girl proceeded with her next step of action; before the creature had a chance to retaliate the girl heavily dropped a shoe atop it and ended its miserable existence. She stepped on the shoe a couple of times to make sure the beast had truly been slain, and then, of course, cleaned up the mess.

Although there are none yet, in the future there will definitely be ballads about this.
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Finger Comb of Lust
11 August 2007 @ 02:17 pm
So Shami came over last night and we watched about nine hours of movies and television, drank Starbucks' Double Shot Espressos, and had cake. It was absolutely ridiculous. First we watched four episodes of Skins and then we watched this movie called Swing Kids about a group of friends in Nazi Germany who bond over swing music, but eventually have to face the reality of what is going on around them. Post Dead Poet Society Robert Sean Leonard was in it, as well as a 19-year-old Christian Bale and Gilderoy Lockhart! The movie was alright, but the ending was absurd; Christian Bale becomes a loyal member of the Hitler Youth (beforehand he was pretending to believe the propaganda by day, but stayed true to the "swing kid" inside him at night) and his unit raids the swing club he and Robert Sean Leonard often went to. Robert Sean Leonard, realizing that the Nazi's are wrong, decides to defy them and, of course, is dancing at the club when the raid occurs. Bale and Leonard get into a huge Revenge-of-the-Sith-Obi-Wan-verse-Anikan style fight, and eventually Leonard gets taken away to a work camp. Having a short chat about loyalties immediately after the brawl Bale has a slight change of heart and salutes Leonard as the truck with him in it is leaving and shouts, "Swing heil!" Leonard returns the salute with another, "Swing heil!" and then his little brother shows up to see him being taken away and the movie ends with the littler brother holding Leonard's umbrella and shouting what I assume was "Swing heil" in unintelligible tones that made him sound more like a constipated giraffe than a little boy. Had they just ended the movie at the club being raided it would have been a lot better. "Swing heil"? Seriously?

Then we watched Disturbia which had a slow first scene, a violent second scene, a cheesy middle bit, and a thrilltastic ending. Getting over the cheesy bits ("When you look in the mirror it's not like "I'm so hot" it's like you are questioning who you really are blah blah blah faux deepness blah blah blah the person who wrote this movie does not remember what it's like to be a teenager and cannot write convincing teenage characters blah blah I'm a stalker blah") it was an enjoyable movie. I really did like the end.

After that we watched Orange County, which is undoubtedly the best movie ever, talked about serial killers, and eventually fell asleep at 7:00 a.m. Never have we stayed up so late.

Now I'm off to watch Daria as I am feeling nostalgic.
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Finger Comb of Lust
09 August 2007 @ 06:53 pm
Adrenaline and endorphins are funny things. The other day I was jogging on the treadmill when an Army commercial came on TV that showed soldiers jumping out of a plane. Now I didn't have a sudden urge to join the army, but I did have an urge to jump out of the plane with them--despite the fact that I don't do so well with heights. Then I got off the treadmill and couldn't believe that thought had even crossed my mind. For just a few minutes there I do believe I was clinically insane.

These past couple of days have been absolutely brilliant. On Sunday I went to see Shami's Indian Dance Drama (which was fantastic, I might add), after which Layla, Tommy, and Isa came over to my house so we could decide what to do for Tommy's birthday. We ended up having dinner at Bonzai, then going to Dreamers where Layla, Isa, and I bought a penis cake pan. We got cake mix and candy from HEB, stopped by Jamba Juice to get Tommy a smoothie, and then proceeded to my humble abode for the Cock Cake Baking Extravaganza of 2007. We were judgmental, we laughed loads, and we watched some of 40-Year-Old Virgin.

On Monday night Anjali and I went to dinner together, but it was oh-so-much-more than that. We dressed up, and went to Luby's to pester Mark. I when I say we "dressed up" I really mean it. I'm talking handbags, pearls, gloves, and fur coats (yes, in the Texas heat). We made Mark pull out our chairs, and then in our best we-elongate-our-vowels-and-are-therefore-better-than-you accents we asked whether he was related to a family in Yorkshire with the same last name. He told us no and Anjali said that they were nice but they smelled a bit funny and I told her it was the smell of old money and we both laughed daintily. Then we asked Mark his opinion on President Bush giving "our Queen Mother (God bless her!)" a teabag instead of loose leaf tea when she came for a visit, and he apologized on behalf of the whole nation. Whenever we needed him to come over to the table we would call his name and wave our hankies. Sixties songs were playing in the background all the while and one of them kept repeating the phrase "get down on it" so I asked Mark, "What does 'getting down' mean and upon what are they getting down?" Micah was going to join us, but didn't. I, however, left a lovely message on his phone that went something like this: "Hello Micah daahling this is Ariane on Anjali's cell phone. I was just calling to see when you might be arriving at Luby's so we can prepare ourselves for your presence. Cherrio." After dinner Mark, Anjali, and I sat in my car in the parking lot and talked for two hours. It was one of the best conversations I've ever had.

Tuesday was Newspaper dinner. Tommy came round my house at 5:16 to hang out before hand and we took some stupid online quizzes and played with his iPhone. Frank and Angie's was our dinner locale and the guest list included Mrs. Elbom, Mr. Elbom, Micah, Eli, Mark, Tommy, Anjali, and me. We talked about college, where we think the newspaper is headed next year, where we think our high school is headed next year (lots of changes have been made apparently), and which newspaper editors will kill which other newspaper editors first. After dinner we got Amy's Ice Cream and then called it a night around 10:00. I am so glad I got to see these people before I leave. I am going to miss them so much, and miss working with them.

Last night Ryan had a going away party at his house, so I went to that. There were a billion people there (of whom I knew about a handful) and it was super loud; in other words I stayed by Shami's side the entire evening. It was alright, but I like being at a party made up of people I know, not just a bunch of acquaintances with whom I can have awkward conversations.

Today I went shopping with my mom and I am so exhausted. It's weird how draining shopping is. Anyway, I think I will go lounge about for a little while.
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