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02 January 2009 @ 03:12 pm
My Jaw  
So I was eating some popcorn and I could hear my jaw squeaking. It didn't squeak earlier when I was eating breakfast. It not only sounds freaky, but I can feel it being all freaky too. I've stopped eating the popcorn, thinking perhaps this was the problem, and I'm opening and closing my mouth and still hearing/feeling the squeak. Bleh.

I leave on Sunday. This is bad. I really am no good at breaks. Things run sort of like this:

Week 1 - Get home, very happy to be home, hang out with friends nonstop, do Austin things, relax.
Week 2 - Still pretty happy to be home, hang out with friends but not as much, know I need to be more productive and do things like study Chinese (which I totally didn't do). End up sitting around a lot more reading or fiddling around on the computer, not always doing things.
Week 3 - In the beginning I am excited that this is my last week because I am really starting to miss college. Then I start realizing I am running out of time here. I still want to see friends and do Austin things, but there are things I need to do like laundry and packing and preparing for Gene Cloning. Also, I realize that I should have celebrated the moments when I was bored, because that hardly ever happens at college.

Tomorrow is my last day and I am spending it first at Lauren's house where I will wake up (I am spending the night), second at breakfast with Hannah (though between Lauren's house and breakfast I may come home for a little while to shower or something), third grocery shopping with Bubbie, fourth packing, fifth dinner with the family, sixth wide open, and seventh sleeping. Then I get on a plane, get off a plane, get on a plane, get off a plane, get in a van, get out of a van, drop my luggage off in my room and head over to the lab to set up for Monday when class begins. AH!

Dear time,
Where have you gone? It worries me that you are so fleeting.
Anxiously yours,

ETA: Why is the anxious emoticon smiling? Anxiety is not a lovely feeling.
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