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25 December 2008 @ 02:35 am
My Irrational Scenarios  
So when I am unsure of something I often write a scenario explaining it in my head. Usually the scenario turns out to be totally insane and oddly inspired by soap operas (which I do not watch). For example (note: this is completely fabricated in all ways), Susie (I don't know a Susie just to reiterate my completely-fabricated point) lets me borrow a book and in that book I find just the opening to a letter which says "Dear Tom". Now I become very curious about who this Tom character is and immediately my mind thinks of Susie in high school, shy, with nice eyes, and not many friends, but then there is Tom. Tom takes part in some of the after school activities she takes part in, such as theater. Tom sort of reaches out to Susie and she is very happy. He is friendly to her, and no one has ever treated her with so much regard. She sort of talks to him, more than she talks to anyone else at her high school anyway, and then she realizes she loves Tom. Really loves him. One day Tom invites her to a party. She isn't much of a party person, but it's what regular high school students do and Tom invited her so she decides to go. She goes and drinks a beer. She doesn't like the taste, but the more she sips the more fun the party seems. She decides to sit down on a couch in the less crowded room at the party. She sits and then Tom comes and flops down beside her. He looks good. His hair is slightly mussed and his shirt has two buttons undone: the top one no one buttons up and the next one which would normally be buttoned and to Susie it seems a little bit wild that it isn't.

"How are you doing?" Tom asks.
"Pretty well," Susie says taking another sip of her beer.

Suddenly the mouth of the beer bottle has been replaced with the mouth of Tom. They kiss. Her first kiss. It feels amazing. Then he pulls away.

The next day at play practice things are the same as the always were, but Susie is even more in love with Tom. She decides to tell him after practice when they are walking together to the parking lot. He does not return her affection, but lets her down nicely. After the incident Tom and her are still friendly. He acts like nothing happened, but she hurts deep inside. She will always remember Tom. The first guy who cared about her. The first guy she kissed. The first guy she loved. Then again, like many high school memories, maybe one day he too will fade from her mind.

When I return the book I ask Susie who Tom is, and she says "My brother. You know that."

TA-DAH! And that's what I do. It could have been a lot more dramatic and sappy I suppose, but you get the gist. In the words of a wise woman I know I am totes cray cray.

Also, help! How do I stop doing this because it is totally rotting my brain, and making me Miss Irrational.
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