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Finger Comb of Lust
03 January 2009 @ 11:08 pm
Dear Man Eating A Taquito,
What are you doing? Why are you eating a taquito like that? Stop letting the taquito linger on your tounge. It's not a penis. You do not suck on taquitos, you take bites out of them. Just take a bite already!

That was quite a bite. Why did you close your eyes when you took that bite? Why did you take that bite in slow motion? Oh great, now the taquito is just hanging there on your lips. This is distracting! This is obscene! You are no longer allowed to eat taquitos in public.

Truly Disturbed,

ETA: It sort of feels like a problem that I leave tomorrow.
Finger Comb of Lust
02 January 2009 @ 03:12 pm
So I was eating some popcorn and I could hear my jaw squeaking. It didn't squeak earlier when I was eating breakfast. It not only sounds freaky, but I can feel it being all freaky too. I've stopped eating the popcorn, thinking perhaps this was the problem, and I'm opening and closing my mouth and still hearing/feeling the squeak. Bleh.

I leave on Sunday. This is bad. I really am no good at breaks. Things run sort of like this:

Week 1 - Get home, very happy to be home, hang out with friends nonstop, do Austin things, relax.
Week 2 - Still pretty happy to be home, hang out with friends but not as much, know I need to be more productive and do things like study Chinese (which I totally didn't do). End up sitting around a lot more reading or fiddling around on the computer, not always doing things.
Week 3 - In the beginning I am excited that this is my last week because I am really starting to miss college. Then I start realizing I am running out of time here. I still want to see friends and do Austin things, but there are things I need to do like laundry and packing and preparing for Gene Cloning. Also, I realize that I should have celebrated the moments when I was bored, because that hardly ever happens at college.

Tomorrow is my last day and I am spending it first at Lauren's house where I will wake up (I am spending the night), second at breakfast with Hannah (though between Lauren's house and breakfast I may come home for a little while to shower or something), third grocery shopping with Bubbie, fourth packing, fifth dinner with the family, sixth wide open, and seventh sleeping. Then I get on a plane, get off a plane, get on a plane, get off a plane, get in a van, get out of a van, drop my luggage off in my room and head over to the lab to set up for Monday when class begins. AH!

Dear time,
Where have you gone? It worries me that you are so fleeting.
Anxiously yours,

ETA: Why is the anxious emoticon smiling? Anxiety is not a lovely feeling.
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Finger Comb of Lust
28 December 2008 @ 02:44 am
Dear Name,
Stop sounding like other words such as the first two syllables of "area". I remember in math class whenever Mrs. Shelley said those first two syllables my heart would beat a little bit faster as I thought she was about to call on me. It was scary. Me being called on in math is not good. You know what though? I've decided this is not my names fault. I blame the words that have at least two syllables similar to my name. Also words that are spelled with the same first three letters such as "arid" and "aria" and "Aristotle". Yeah! That's right! Back off Aristotle.
Finger Comb of Lust
25 December 2008 @ 02:35 am
So when I am unsure of something I often write a scenario explaining it in my head. Usually the scenario turns out to be totally insane and oddly inspired by soap operas (which I do not watch). For example (note: this is completely fabricated in all ways), Susie (I don't know a Susie just to reiterate my completely-fabricated point) lets me borrow a book and in that book I find just the opening to a letter which says "Dear Tom". Now I become very curious about who this Tom character is and immediately my mind thinks of Susie in high school, shy, with nice eyes, and not many friends, but then there is Tom. Tom takes part in some of the after school activities she takes part in, such as theater. Tom sort of reaches out to Susie and she is very happy. He is friendly to her, and no one has ever treated her with so much regard. She sort of talks to him, more than she talks to anyone else at her high school anyway, and then she realizes she loves Tom. Really loves him. One day Tom invites her to a party. She isn't much of a party person, but it's what regular high school students do and Tom invited her so she decides to go. She goes and drinks a beer. She doesn't like the taste, but the more she sips the more fun the party seems. She decides to sit down on a couch in the less crowded room at the party. She sits and then Tom comes and flops down beside her. He looks good. His hair is slightly mussed and his shirt has two buttons undone: the top one no one buttons up and the next one which would normally be buttoned and to Susie it seems a little bit wild that it isn't.

"How are you doing?" Tom asks.
"Pretty well," Susie says taking another sip of her beer.

Suddenly the mouth of the beer bottle has been replaced with the mouth of Tom. They kiss. Her first kiss. It feels amazing. Then he pulls away.

The next day at play practice things are the same as the always were, but Susie is even more in love with Tom. She decides to tell him after practice when they are walking together to the parking lot. He does not return her affection, but lets her down nicely. After the incident Tom and her are still friendly. He acts like nothing happened, but she hurts deep inside. She will always remember Tom. The first guy who cared about her. The first guy she kissed. The first guy she loved. Then again, like many high school memories, maybe one day he too will fade from her mind.

When I return the book I ask Susie who Tom is, and she says "My brother. You know that."

TA-DAH! And that's what I do. It could have been a lot more dramatic and sappy I suppose, but you get the gist. In the words of a wise woman I know I am totes cray cray.

Also, help! How do I stop doing this because it is totally rotting my brain, and making me Miss Irrational.
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Finger Comb of Lust
23 December 2008 @ 01:04 pm
Okay, so now I've officially had the weirdest dream ever. I dreamt that Josh all of the sudden decided to get married to this girl who wasn't his girlfriend (note: he had been going out with his girlfriend up until the moment he suddenly decided to marry this other girl) because he had a dream in which King Tutankhamun told him that if a girl ever said the words "replacement leather pants" in front of him he must marry her. So some girl did say that phrase, and he decided to marry her. I told him that was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard and was all, "What about your girlfriend? You love your girlfriend!" And he was all like "No, I've gotta listen to Tutankhamun." Then he got married in the double on the long side of B3, and then I was in a musical about Batman. Also there were these almond flavored snacks, but for some reason the bag said they were "tamon" flavored. Oh and the locks on the dorm doors were all new and weird. You had to insert something that looked like a dime into this slot and then turn the thing and then it would open. It was stupid because the "dime" key was so small and easy to lose and basically looked like a dime except for some minuscule difference. Also, Isa, Katie, and Joanna all went to Hampshire.

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Finger Comb of Lust
22 December 2008 @ 06:24 pm
Dear game of phone tag I am currently playing,
You can just stop right now. I don't enjoy this adult twist on a great kids game. It is not fun. It is awkward. I've come to the point in this game where I can't even leave messages, and I refuse, REFUSE, to leave a message in which I say, "Oh, guess we're playing phone tag." I didn't volunteer to play. I don't want to be "it". Why don't you plague someone else for awhile? Or at least not make me "it".
Regrettably yours,
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Finger Comb of Lust
20 December 2008 @ 11:46 am
I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. Most of them I can't remember very fluidly, but here are a few:

Dream #1: I was hanging out with friends in some neighborhood and this guy wanted to kill me, so when I saw him coming, brandishing a knife, I ran home. Later my friends and I were driving around and he was in the car (why, I don't know). I was worried he was going to kill me, but then my friends started convincing him that I was really popular and he didn't want to kill a popular person so he began asking about people who were unpopular that he could kill.

Dream #2: I was hanging out with some people in Amherst (mind you it didn't look like Amherst) and we missed the last bus to Hampshire, despite the fact that it was only 7:30. We decided to look at the bus map to see if there was another bus we could take that would get us at least close to Hampshire, but there wasn't. We then found a shortcut on the map which involved walking through a cornfield. We decided to try that, and suddenly I wasn't with my friends anymore but Kermit the Frog and we were running away from the other Muppets for reasons unknown. I remember running to my house and dropping building blocks in a path from the den to the front door so they would think we left that way and then running up to my room to hide.

Dream #3: I was hanging out in Lisa G.'s dorm room (she went to Hampshire) which was on a hallway that looked exactly like the hallway on the side of the the stairs at LBJ (where the bathrooms are, and a bunch of lockers, and no classrooms really except maybe one). Not only did it look like that hallway, but every now and then a bell would ring and it would become full of people changing classes. I went to use the bathroom at some point and it was so fancy, shiny tile, decorations like masks and porcelain pots, nice smelling soaps. I returned to Lisa's room and realized I needed to work on my final essays because they all needed editing so I left. Later I was sitting in Brown's class (Shakespeare and Woolf), which was in an LBJ classroom, worrying about papers, so I decided to leave because we weren't doing anything as of yet. I headed down to this underground tunnel where Hampshire had food you could buy, and this tunnel was so nice. There was a grocery with all kinds of fresh, organic foods. I really wanted to buy some carrots, but I didn't think I had enough money left on my card. After roaming around the grocery for a bit looking at the wines they had, the sandwiches, and so on I wondered down the hall and found a bar where people were drinking and listening to live music. I was so excited that Hampshire had become so awesome, and then I woke up.

I have been sleeping so much over break. 11 hours a night for me is not unheard of. I guess I am making up for any time I didn't get the right amount of sleep during the semester.
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Finger Comb of Lust
15 December 2008 @ 03:04 am
Winter Break means journal update time. Well, maybe not if I actually start to get out of the house. Hopefully the out-of-the-house getting will start tomorrow, and will not both begin and end with my doctor's appointment at noon. Is it at noon? Whatever, my mom will wake me up. Yeah, that's right, when I'm home for break some of my usual responsibilities, like waking myself up, are placed on my mom. I'm such a good kid.

I'm really more of a tired kid though. This is why: last week was finals week so sleep went from happening to not happening (though I suppose finals aren't entirely to blame for this), stress level went from Elevated or Yellow to Severe or Red, saying goodbye become something I had to do, packing become something I had to do, eating become something I had to find time to do, tired became me. So tired. Thursday night I was up late both working and not working. Friday I woke up early to go to work, then went to class where my final paper and portfolio were do, then went to my room and studied for a Chinese final, then took said Chinese final, then upon finishing said Chinese final went to my room in utter shock of how horrible the Chinese final went, then I had to pack, then I had to be up at 3:40 a.m. so I just decided not to sleep, then I was tired!shaking, then I was cold, then I was in a van on the way to the airport, then I was cold again, then I was waiting for my plane, in a plane, waiting for a plane, in a plane, waiting for my luggage, eating a burrito, watching something, reading something, sleeping for too long but not long enough, helping my mom sell books, working on an essay, break, working on an essay, break, working on an essay, working on an essay, working on an essay. Now it's now. I'm done with said essay, but I think it might suck all the most disgusting, hairy, sweaty balls in the world.


I wish I hadn't of come home on Saturday at the time I did. If there had been a plane that would have gotten me home in the early evening I could have slept. If my mom hadn't needed me to sell books I could have come home later, perhaps Sunday. If I had come home on Sunday I could have decompressed after my final on Friday, slept, packed and written part of my paper on Saturday, come home refreshed on Sunday and finished my paper. I could have come home on Tuesday which would have allowed me to take my Chinese final on the actual day of my Chinese final. I could of had multiple days to study, multiple days to write my paper, multiple days to say goodbye to people. Oh well, what's done is done. I just felt like death for hours.
I hope tomorrow is full of sleep and fun.
Finger Comb of Lust
01 September 2008 @ 03:59 am
So right now I should be packing. I know, it's 3:30 in the morning Central Standard Time, and you might be wondering why does she still have packing left to do? It's because she saves everything until the last minute, of course! I'm actually not really bothered by this packing-into-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning business. I'm not tired or stressed, and the only thing I'm sad about is that I won't get to spend this last night sleeping in my lovely, comfy bed. I'm currently sitting in my lovely, comfy bed though... I guess that counts for something. Goodbye dear bed. Until December.

Although I'm pretty chill right now (I think it was the shower that helped with that), earlier today was not chill. I can tell my Dad is really being affected by my leaving. He seriously came into my room a bajillion times today, "Ariane, how's the packing going?" "Ariane, don't you want to take the webcam that doesn't have a microphone back to school with you so we can SEE you??" "Ariane, your shoes are still downstairs, don't you need to pack them?" "Ariane, there appears to be a scrap of paper in the gameroom with an "P" written on it. I think it's yours. It seems very important. Do you want it?" I know he means well, it's just hard to not get a bit annoyed.

I can't believe I go back to Hampshire today... For so long this day has been so far away that it's weird it's finally here. When it was farther away I couldn't wait to be going back, but now that it's here I kind of wish it weren't. I am really enjoying the relaxing routine I've gotten into, but more than that I know this year is going to be very different from the last. Flora is gone. Jens is gone. Kingsley is gone. Kathryn graduated. Mike doesn't live next door to me. Devin's not on my hall. Elisheva is now in Boston. I guess I shouldn't worry about it because what's going to happen is going to happen whether I want it to or not, and these changes aren't going to ruin my year or anything outrageous like that. I'm just no good with change. Today I took down the poster next to my bed so I could bring it with me to Hampshire, and it took me a little while before I could remove it because I got all sad and nostalgic. It's a friggen poster for Christ's sake (I was going to write "for Paul Bunyan's sake" there, but Christ just has a better ring to it)! Bah!

Saturday was a good day. I enjoyed Austin as much as I could. I went to the Farmer's Market, walked around downtown, went to the capitol, lied on the ground to look up and the rotunda, rolled down a hill on the grounds, read at Book People, played with a kid in the tunnel at Book People, went to Waterloo, had Amy's Ice Cream, went to Spider House for organic apple juice and vegan pumpkin bread, wander around Toy Joy, took a picture of the "Hi, how are you?" frog, met Pipes at Sandy's for a chocolate shake, walked around South Congress, bought a stamp at Uncommon Objects, and then returned home. All the while I took pictures as well as business cards, bumper stickers, and other fare that I can put up in my dorm room.

Okay, now I'm starting to get tired. Gotta finish packing. I leave for the airport in about two hours. I shouldn't have written that down. Now the worry is setting in.

My sleep schedule is SUPAH fucked up.
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Finger Comb of Lust
29 August 2008 @ 03:07 pm
Have I mentioned that I love busy days? The answer is yes. I totally have. But it is still as true as ever. Ever since my friends have started journeying back to college I have been impatiently waiting for my college return. Busy days, however, make me want these last few days I have in Austin to slow down. I love Austin. I love my friends (though quite a few of them have gone back now). I love relaxing and watching horrible movies about serial killers late at night in my PJs with all the lights turned off.

Wednesday I spent the day with my mother. We got Greek food, did a little shopping (I got a new wallet that doesn't smell funny and isn't falling apart! I also got a dress, some socks, and a new pair of shoes), and then went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. The movie made me realize how much I love my friends. Cheesy, I know, but it did. After the movie my mom and I went to Whole Foods and walked around and got smoothies. As soon as I got home my dad told me Shami had called so I called her back and then headed down to campus where her and I went to Kerbey Lane. Oh God, the Kerbey Queso was good. I also got to see Anjali. We were sitting at a window seat and she just happened to walk by and she came in for a short chat. After dinner we got bubble tea at Tap. House, went to her dorm room to watch 10 Things I Hate About You, and then went to Kasbah for some minty minty hookah.

Thursday I woke up, had brunch with my Bubbie at Kerbey Lane (I got these delicious apple whole wheat pancakes. Oh. My. God. I am salivating just thinking about them), and then she took me shopping. That was certainly an endeavor. She wants me to buy everything I try on even if I don't like it when I take if off the hanger and put it on myself. I had to argue with her to NOT buy me things. She thinks everything I put on looks "adorable" which is sweet of her to say, but is simply not true. I liked one pair of panties and she made me get four. I liked one sweater and she made me get another one in a different color. I tried to stealthily try on this sort of expensive coat just to see what it looked like and she caught me and started raving about it. I told her that I was just seeing what it looked like and that I have three coats already and it's expensive and it's nice but I don't need it and on and on and on and she finally said, "I don't care if you never wear it, but I am buying you this coat. It looks adorable on you (there's that word again). Believe me you will regret it if you don't get it." So we got the coat. I also got two dresses.

I know this is sort of a ridiculous thing to complain about. I know I'm lucky to have a grandmother who is willing to spoil me, but the thing is I don't need any of this stuff and therefore I don't really want it. Whenever she buys stuff for me I feel like a brat. I feel guilty. I have enough clothes. I haven't done anything to deserve this. This money could have gone towards something more important. I just don't like people spending a lot of money on me. I don't even like to spend a lot of money on myself. I find that most times I really think about something before I buy it, and what I usually spend most of my money on is going out to dinner with friends (which is always a good investment).

After shopping I dropped Bubbie off at her house and went to my Uncle's office to participate in a listening experiment. After I was paid, I headed over to the Arbor Walk (oh, the strip malls of North Austin), and had dinner with Lauren M. and Kadie. After dinner Lauren and I went to Lakeline Mall (which I haven't been to in years. What a trip) because Lauren had some free pantie vouchers she needed to... vouch. One of them was at the American Eagle version of Gap Body (that's a kind of weird way to put it, but that's basically what it is) where I also ended up getting free pair of panties by simply giving them my name, address, and email address. I got a pair of gray boy shorts decorated with different colored sneakers. After that we went to Victoria's Secret where I bought these panties that say, "We have chemistry" because they have a freakin' Erlenmeyer flask on them, and they are making a science joke.

Next Lauren humored me by accompanying me to Fredericks of Hollywood, a lingerie store. No, no, I wasn't there to buy crotchless panties (which are the WEIRDEST things by the way. They do have a crotch, it's just that there is a slit so you can basically be fucked with your panties on. I personally find that a little disturbing.) or an invisible bra (so they aren't really invisible, but they may as well be because there is obviously NO support and it's just lacy and see through and flimsy and sometimes all it is is two tiny lace triangles with string connected to it. It's like a bra!thong, but thongs seem to serve more purpose in life than those lace swatches parading around as bras. I guess they are supposed to be sexy, but they just look odd). No, I was there to buy a garter belt. Why? Because garter belts and pantyhose are so much better than the pantyhose of today. There's no bunching, no awkward readjusting in public, no jumping in order to get the damned things on. Plus I think they are classy. I went with the simplest belt I could find (black lace), and I checked to make sure it could go under clothes (because that's really the point). Lauren and I also tried on corsets. Those things are crazy. It felt kind of cool cause it was all slimming and shit, but the one I tried on made my boobs look funny. Even if it had made me look like a knockout (which it didn't) I wouldn't have bought it though. I have no use for it. I was just trying it on for fun. Lauren, however, found one that looked really cute on her. It was this lovely blue, but it was expensive, so she is going to save up for it.

Today I ran errands with my dad, and am now lounging about. Tomorrow I'm planning a Super-Happy-Fun-Get-Your-Fix-Of-Austin-Cause-You-Won't-Be-Back-Until-December Bash. I'm going to go to some of my favorite places for the last time. I'm thinking Book People, Sandy's or Amy's (maybe if I'm feeling inspired in the fatty department I will go to both), Spider House, Epoch, and I don't know where else. Think I'll go start generating a list.
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